It’s Not Tabu – Just Thinning Hair

Maxime Salon Full Body Hair

Okay, somehow, someone, somewhere decided that we couldn’t talk about thinning hair. Like it was uncool and it only happened to “certain” people. Guess what, whoever that person was they were totally wrong! Thinning hair isn’t something that happens to a select few, but is actually more common than anyone wants to admit. So we’re [...]

Savoring Miami – Where to Dine!

Miami Where to Eat

While in Miami soaking up the sun and reconnecting with my husband we also enjoyed some great meals. It was a great way to really enjoy each other’s company and spend some time just the two of us. Zuma Zuma is in downtown Miami and you definitely need a reservation. But it’s worth it because [...]

What to Wear – Wedding Edition

Wedding Style

We’re starting a new series here on Maxime Salon’s blog. It’s called “What to Wear” – and hopefully the name is pretty explanatory. We’re here to break down the trends, find what works and get you dressed and ready to go. First up, wedding style! With so many different types of weddings it can be [...]


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